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It seems that the idea of ​​establishing the Super League, which even came to fruition (for one day, nevertheless) and created an earthquake in European football, will no longer happen. Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Juventus who were responsible for the initiative did maintain optimism and once in a while came out with statements that this was the solution to the problems in European football, but it seems that UEFA is on its way to victory in the fight against them.

Today, the European Union expressed its support for UEFA, when according to the affidavits, the teams of the Super League, and of course the giants from Spain, will be exposed to possible sanctions from UEFA, including suspension, and this after the lawyer of the European Union claimed that the organizations could veto the competitions. The main meaning is that the teams will not be able to participate in the enterprise they want to establish without approval from UEFA and FIFA.

With this, it seems that the idea of ​​establishing an independent league outside the organization will finally fade away. As I remember, after the initiative was implemented in April 2021, not too much time passed and the English teams and all the Italian teams with the exception of Juventus withdrew, leaving Barcelona, ​​Real and the old lady alone in the campaign.

UEFA and FIFA, of course, have no interest in punishing the three biggest teams in the world as long as they do not continue with their initiative, and this is only a recommendation of the European Union, but it can be concluded that the organizations will be able to take strong sanctions to bury the idea once and for all.

“While the Super League company is allowed to create its own initiative to protest UEFA and FIFA, it cannot, if it participates in its own enterprise, continue to participate in enterprises organized by FIFA and UEFA without the prior approval of these organizations,” the document reads. The case will now go to a court in Luxembourg, where 15 judges will have to decide on the issue.

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