A shopping guide to the best … party shirts for men | Men’s fashion


Leopard print

Leopard print, £30, riverisland.com

Hearts shirt short sleeve

Embroidered hearts, £85, by Portuguese Flannel from mrporter.com

Flaming rose shirt Dries Van Noten X Stussy

Flaming rose, £290, by Dries Van Noten X Stussy from stussy.co.uk


House of sunny shirt

Motorcycle print, £19 for seven days, by House of Sunny from thedevout.com

Daily Paper silk shirt

Silk scarf shirt, £21 for four days, by Daily Paper from selfridgesrental.com

Heron Preston shirt

Graffiti print, £49 for three days or £68 a week, by Heron Preston from byrotation.com


Givenchy vestiairecollective.com

Rose print, £89, by Givenchy from vestiairecollective.com

check rokit shirt

1990s checked silk, £39, rokit.co.uk

prada cudoni

Cartoon strip, £200, by Prada from cudoni.com

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