Can you make lipstick last longer by setting it with blusher? | Makeup

The hack
Giving your lipstick extra longevity by setting it with blusher.

The test
Something to ponder before we begin: many viral beauty hacks are aimed at making makeup last for days, but why do we want that? I’d get it if it was the early 1900s and we were still using coal dust and soap as mascara, but now that our makeup formulations are so good and long lasting, do we need them to be welded to our face without respite? Maybe it’s just me, but I like makeup to look glossy and fresh. In the spirit of this column, though – and my love of matt lipstick – I’ll try it.

Simply apply your regular lipstick then, using a flat powder puff, pat a powder blush in a similar shade on top. This mattifies the lipstick, like applying powder on top of foundation to set it. Is it matt as hell? Absolutely. Does it last longer than usual? Sure, friend. But does it crack during the day, giving some serious corpse-mouth vibes? Also yes. When I come to remove it in the evening, and finally apply some lip balm, my lips emit an audible sigh of relief.

The verdict
If you have a beloved glossy lipstick that you’d like to be more matt, then blush away (or press a little translucent powder over it). But I’d save the hassle and cost of trying to find a blush shade that matches your lippie and try Dior Rouge Dior Matte Refillable Lipstick (£34). Its staying power is unbeatable.

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