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Thiruvananthapuram Minister V.N. Mathew Kuzhalnathan MLA against Vasavan’s statement comparing Amitabh Bachchan and Indrans. The MLA wrote on his Facebook page that the statement was highly inappropriate. This shows blatant body-shaming and an extremely distorted view.
Indrans is a favorite of Kerala and a talented actor. Just proud of Indrans. It is better to remember that the state of CPM attacking the Congress is like the advertisement of Anixspray nationally, ‘There is no dust to detect’.- The MLA noted.

Meanwhile, the minister’s statement was removed from the church records. It was mentioned that the Congress which sat like Amitabh Bachchan has become like Indrans. As criticism arose, the minister officially demanded that the reference be removed from the church records. The reference has been removed from church records. Opposition leader VD Satheesan also accused the minister of body shaming.

“Parties were tired and handed over power to you (Congress) from the empire that never set the sun. Where are you now? Bathed and bathed and Koch disappeared. When he got power in Himachal Pradesh, it became two slums. They are shouting slogans in front of the Chief Minister. This is your fault. If we take the situation of Congress, the Congress, which was the height of Amitabh Bachchan in Hindi cinema, has reached the size of Indrans in Malayalam cinema” – these were the words of Minister Vasavan.

English Summary: Bachchan-Indrans comparison: VN Vasavan’s dig at Congress ends in body shaming

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