Hapoel Tel Aviv lost 1:0 in Afula and was eliminated from the cup in the eighth round – time.news

Hapoel Tel Aviv can’t believe this is happening to them again. A year after losing 3:1 to Bnei Yehuda and ending its journey in the State Cup already in the eighth round, the first in which the teams of the Premier League participate, tonight (Monday) it was hosted in Afula by Hapoel Afula from ninth place in the Mishna league, lost to it 1:0 and again flew out of the cup earlier than expected the state

Hapoel Tel Aviv came back from the World Cup break for a dramatic loss in the semi-finals of the Toto Cup in which goalkeeper Ariel Harosh scored against them in the 90th + 6th minute and then deflected two penalties in a duel, but today in the north against the rival from the national team she was unable to score, with a relatively lacking squad she had difficulty endangering the host’s goal And when she had already done so, she ran into goalkeeper Sherif Kiif on an excellent day, and in the end she was hit by the legs of Shahar Hirsch – who in the 78th minute decided the match after a wonderful breakthrough by Bassem Zarora and did not celebrate against the ex on the way to the round of 16. In the first half, Roi Elimelech also subdued the young goalkeeper Ido Sharon, but the flag was unjustifiably raised for Nabadel. Afula is a loser, but in the end the promotion was justified.

Slobodan Drapić had to manage against the ninth-ranked national team without Dan Einbinder and Idan Vared, who were suspended, and without Shlomi Azoulai and Cintaiho Sallich, who did not dress for their possible release, but Eddie Gottlieb and David Kaltins, who were not fit for the match against Beer Sheva in Tutu, returned to the lineup, as did Antoine Conte. Alan Ozbolt is suffering from mild sensitivity and only came off the bench in an attempt to save and without success. On the other hand, Yahav Gorfinkel and Hisham Laios were injured and the team hopes that these are not serious injuries.

This is happening again to Hapoel Tel Aviv. Conte and Gottlieb | Danny Maron
Shahar Hirsch, Hapoel Afula striker
He won and did not celebrate. The hero of the evening, Shahar Hirsch | Danny Maron

the vehicles

Hapoel Afula: Sharif Kiif, Ofek Nadir, David Akwa, Roi Elimelech (Roy Katari, 90), Eran Ezard (Ronnie Lauper, 75), Sasha Petshi, Roman Hebran, Bassem Zarora, Ilai Hajag (Tamir Arbel, 75), Avihai Wodge E, Shahar Hirsch.

Hapoel Tel Aviv: Ido Sharon, Dor Elo, Antoine Conte, Eddie Gottlieb, Yahav Gorfinkel (Abu Dusso, 31), David Kaltins, Shavit Mazal, Godfried Romarto, Raz Tweizer (Niv Zarihan, 68), Pablo Gonzalez (Kais Ganem, 81), Hisham Laios (Alan Ozhbolt, 68).

the progress of the game

We set off in Afula. Will Hapoel Tel Aviv be eliminated for the second year in a row already in the 8th round by a team from the national team?

A free kick to Hapoel Tel Aviv ended with a lift into the box and a lucky shot into the hands of Kiif

Afula’s first attempt resulted in a free kick from almost 30 meters that Baran kicked high over the goal

A huge miss for the reds! Laios intercepted, passed to Tweezer and he soon passed a cross to Luck who remained free and after six meters kicked too high and out. It should have been the first goal

A fantastic deep ball by Nadir put Hirsch in a great position, but he was first stopped by Sharon and the return ball from a difficult angle did not find the frame

Zarora tried to surprise from a distance, but could not find the frame of the goal

First substitution in Hapoel Tel Aviv: Gorfinkel was injured and had to make way for Abu Dosso

Abu Dussou tried to score from outside the box, the ball flew into the center of the goal and Kief caught it well

Another stroke of luck was absorbed by Kiyuf. The reds increase the pressure

Hapoel Afula kicks deep in extra time! Hajjaj kicked a spinning ball that Sharon headed to the center of the box, Elimelech hit the net from the rebound and celebrated, but the linesman waved a flag for the difference that wasn’t there. A serious mistake that crippled Afula

Right at the start of the second half, a bad clearance set up a great opportunity for Leos, who kicked out from about 15 meters

Laios passed a backhand to Romarto, who on the edge of the box kicked an excellent ball into the corner and he also met with a penalty

Hapoel Tel Aviv continues to try to break through the dam and Conte also tried to score from a distance, again off target

Mazal’s third attempt didn’t stop at the net either. A corner from the left landed on his head, he hit it perfectly and the ball missed the crossbar by inches

Laios was injured and was also replaced by Ozbolt. In addition, Hapoel Tel Aviv Zarihan went up instead of Tweezer

Gottlieb committed a foul near the box and received a yellow card

0:1 to Hapoel Afula! Zaroura hit Abu Doso, penetrated the area and lifted to the far corner, where Hirsch took advantage of Conte’s dreaminess and pushed into the net from the goal line

Drapich also sent Case Ganem to the game instead of Gonzalez. His latest change in an attempt to avoid a sensation

Papir added five minutes of added time. That’s all that’s left for the Reds to avoid a very surprising relegation

Mazal again found himself in a good opportunity against Kiyuf and was unable to subdue him from six meters

Paper whistle for the end! Hapoel Tel Aviv was eliminated in the eighth round by a team from the National League for the second year in a row

The draw for the eighth finals of the State Cup will be held tomorrow (Tuesday, 12:45) and will be broadcast live in Vala! sport.

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