Meet Elon Musk’s New Chatbot That Is Going Viral

We live in a day and age when advancements in technology are constantly pushing the limits of what can be possible. Visionaries are creating new codes, re-imagining the usage of existing software, and charting new territory in virtual reality. One such technological development that has taken the internet by storm is OpenAI’s new chatbot ChatGPT which has the potential to revolutionse artificial intelligence.

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What can you do with ChatGPT?

Founded by Elon Musk, OpenAI has developed a new chatbot that offers some really cool and exciting opportunities. If you are a writer or work as a content creator, you can use this chatbot as a text generator. It can help you rephrase your sentences, expand your existing content in case you’re falling short by a few hundred words, add summaries for your written pieces, and even give feedback on your suggestions and ideas. You might need to make a few tweaks here and there (it’s still an AI software after all), but the technological development here is remarkable. It’s almost like you’re talking to or working with an actual person instead of a chatbot. Almost.

You can also use it like a search engine. However, unlike regular search engines, ChatGPT can even answer more complex questions. For instance, it can tell you why a colour is more attractive, why Italian food is (or isn’t) delicious, or even advocate why Black Panther is more than just a Marvel movie.

That’s not all! You can even ask OpenAI’s chatbot to roleplay conversations with you or ask it to finish a code that you’ve been struggling with. The possibilities are endless and can truly revolutionise how we use AI software in our daily lives.

Are there any drawbacks of ChatGPT?

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There are some concerns that ChatGPT might not be the safest AI tool out there. The concerns range from its potential to help hackers crack passwords and bypass firewalls to more ethical concerns like using the chatbot to create racist jokes.

There are also concerns that, when ChatGPT gives an incorrect answer, some people might believe it to be true. As such, it may involuntarily start aiding in the spread of misinformation. Hopefully OpenAI is able to address these concerns.

You can try your hand on ChatGPT by clicking here

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