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Thiruvananthapuram: Protest at IFFK venue for third consecutive day. Following the protest, the police registered a case against the students. Accused Niharika says that the police beat up the students and Naveen Kishore, who is in custody, spat blood. A case has been filed against Niharika and Nivin Kishore under Sections 143, 147 and 149 of the IPC. And a case has been filed against about thirty other people.

The IFFK officials had initially said that they would not take the case. But now the case has been filed for the crime of riot attempt and suppression of illegal assembly. After that there has been no response from IFFK till now.

But Niharika says that she did not think that a case of attempted rioting would be filed when she protested by shouting slogans and saying police go back to not being able to watch the movie.
They are keeping silent on this serious issue which should be addressed by the authorities of IFFK.


The fact is that there are more than 14,000 delegates who paid Rs 1,000 and got a pass, but there is only about 8,000 seats, including Nishagandhi, which can hold 2,500 people. There is a lot of criticism against the IFFK authorities for giving the pass without control and not providing the conditions for it.

It is also alleged that the state film authorities are deceiving movie lovers by arranging 100 percent reservation even after taking a pass for such a huge amount.
Not only that
Experts also point out that there are many technical errors in the reservation through C DIT.

The delegates accused the state film authorities of downgrading the film festival, which is garnering international attention, to mere mercantile culture and to authoritarianism by violating democratic norms, putting financial profit before the agenda.


The delegates demanded that the reservation for the elderly and infirm should be changed to 50 percent.

The delegates who queued for hours could not watch the Mammootty film ‘Nan Pagal Nereth Mayakam’ directed by Liju Jose Pellissery even on the third day today. Today was the last screening of the film which could not be released theatrically.


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