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Sony has found a new gold mine. To take its successful and super popular games in today’s time and turn them into series (maybe movies later) on the biggest streaming platforms in the world. The processing of The Last of Us Will be released in a month under HBO, but Sony has a lot more in the pipeline when it comes to adaptations of its games. It is now known that a series of God of War Approved for production under Amazonearlier this year (alongside Horizon and Gran Turismo).

As mentioned, the series has been in production since March, and the story will follow the 2018 reboot of God of War, in which Kratos gives up his title of Greek God of War in favor of a peaceful life in the Norse kingdom of Midgard, which means we probably won’t see Kratos in Greece at all.

“God of War is a compelling, interesting franchise that we believe will captivate our viewers with its vast and immersive worlds as much as its rich story,” he said. Vernon Sanders, head of global television at Amazon Studios. “We are ready to participate in the adventure of exploring the mythology of God of War in a meaningful way. We are so proud and excited to work with our friends at Amazon Studios and our partners at Sony to adapt this beautiful and heartbreaking game into a premium action series,” she said. Catherine Pope, President of Sony Pictures Television Studios. “Raife, Mark and Hook create a series that charts the course of Kratos’ ancient mythological journey.”

Rafe Judkins (The Wheel of time) Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby (Iron Man, The Expanse), will produce God of War with Santa Monica studio creative director Corey Barlog and Yomi Young, Carter Swann From PlayStation Studios and more. God Of War series refers to the latest series based on a video game that is in the works or in production, including the adaptation “Fallout“Of course, you too “The Last of Us” of HBO. Of course there is the series hello under the Pramanut company, and The Witcher Under Netflix.

Although over the years, film adaptations (or series) of the games have not exactly been amazingly successful. Precisely this time with the list of series written here above, there is some room for optimism. The big question is how much the writers of the series will decide to deviate from the original script of the games. The second season of The Witcher received massive criticism for killing off an important character from the games, which, according to rumors, this decision and others among others are what caused Henry Cavill, the star of the series, to give up the role and leave at the end of the third season that will be released soon.

In the end the most important question for fans of the game is: “Who will play Kratos?”. The names that have popped up on various websites and Reddit are: Jason Momoa, Dave Batista, Travis Fimmel (Vikings) and even Chris Hemsworth. Who would you like to see as the main actor in the series? Write to us in the comments!

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