These Industries Are Hiring Right Now

Despite fears of a recession looming in the near future, the job market has held surprisingly strong. The US Department of Labor (DOL) reports that no major industry showed a job decline for October. And several sectors added more positions than expected over the month. Overall, companies added over 261,000 non-farm jobs during October. Here are the industries that are hiring the most right now.

Healthcare is hiring the most right now.

The healthcare industry added 53,000 new jobs in October. In addition, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the sector has added the most jobs to the market in 2022. On average, the healthcare industry added 47,000 new jobs monthly during the year. For comparison, the field only averaged 9,000 new jobs per month in 2021. 

The leisure and hospitality industries are hiring the most on average right now.

The leisure and hospitality sector was one of the industries impacted the most by the pandemic. Overall, it hasn’t recovered from pre-pandemic levels, over a million jobs short from February 2020. However, the field added 35,000 new positions in October and averaged 78,000 new jobs per month in 2022. Although the sector averaged nearly double in 2021, with 196,000 new positions per month on average.

Professional and technical services

The professional and technical services industry, including fields such as engineering, added 43,000 jobs in October. Specifically, architecture and engineering services experienced the most job growth, adding over 7,000 positions in each sector. The professional and technical services field added 41,000 jobs per month on average in 2022. However, that decreased from last year. The industry averaged 53,000 new jobs monthly in 2021.


The manufacturing industry added 32,000 jobs over October. The sector includes factory workers, textile mills, and (somewhat surprisingly) bakeries. The Bureau of Labor reports the manufacturing industry has added an average of 37,000 jobs per month in 2022. In 2021, the field averaged about 30,000 new positions monthly.

Social assistance

The social assistance subsector added 19,000 new jobs in the last month. The field includes family services, child and daycare services, and vocational rehabilitation services. The sector is nearly back to pre-pandemic levels, about 9,000 jobs short of February 2020. 

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